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Make False Positive Results
a Thing of the Past

Sequestration Syringe
Sequestration Syringe
Diversion Redefined.
Introducing the Sequestration Syringe™ Blood Culture Collection Device,
exclusively from C-Quest Medical.
An innovative, simplistic design, the patent-pending Sequestration Syringe features a proprietary Unidirectional Check Valve that automatically diverts and sequesters the initial 1.5mL of blood. The valve assures that blood can only flow in one direction, to prohibit sequestered blood from contaminating the culture.

Also, a distinctive “T” Valve on the syringe connects to a universal bottle holder that enables conventional blood culture collection in either thin or wide neck aerobic and anaerobic bottles.
Step Back to the Future of Diversion.
Unlike unfamiliar and costly diversion alternatives, the Sequestration Syringe features a familiar, clinician-friendly syringe design that requires virtually no training. As a result, greater efficiency and cost savings are achieved, while promoting standardization for rapid, accurate blood culture collection procedures throughout the hospital.  
Half the Price. Twice the Protection.
Based on current cost analysis, the price of the Sequestration Syringe is less than half of othe
r commercially available blood culture collection diversion devices. What’s more, every Sequestration Syringe is provided with a complete C-Quest Procedure Kit at no additional cost. The result is unparalleled savings for advanced diversion technology, and everything you need to optimize the blood culture collection process, exclusively from C-Quest Medical.     
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Now Cleared for Collection.
In a recent scientific study, proof of concept confirmed the C-Quest Medical device is effective in initial specimen diversion and sequestration. In addition, FDA 510(k) clearance verifies the Sequestration Syringe provides safe and effective diversion in blood culture collection. 
In your next blood culture collection procedure, evaluate all the advantages of the latest specimen diversion technology. Specify the new Sequestration Syringe, only from C-Quest Medical.
Features and Benefits

Proprietary “T” Valve and Unidirectional Check Valve can be used for either venipuncture or IV draw.

Reduces false-positive results approaching 0%.

Enhances proper patient diagnosis and treatment.

“T” Valve and Universal Bottle Holder enable simple blood collection.

Clinician friendly, intuitive design is easy to use.

FDA 510(k) Clearance

Unidirectional Check Valve diverts and sequesters initial 1.5mL of blood.

Improves clinical outcomes.

Reduces antibiotic use and length of hospital stay.

Provides unmatched cost savings compared to other diversion devices.

Requires minimal in-service training.

Sterile Diversion Tube
Sterile Initial Specimen Diversion Tube
Minimize false positive blood culture test results and optimize collection outcomes
with the new sterile, vacuum Diversion Tube from C-Quest Medical.
Designed to meet the needs of the Phlebotomy Team, the Sterile Diversion Vacuum Tube is available individually packaged, or included in a standard or customized Blood Culture Collection Procedure Kit. The Tube enhances accuracy as bacteria that may be present sub dermally is diverted and sequestered from non-contaminated blood, virtually eliminating false positive results. Safe and simple to use, the Diversion Tube is clearly marked with a 1.5 mL fill indicator near the bottom to facilitate initial blood specimen diversion accuracy. 
Features and Benefits


Sterile Initial Specimen Diversion Tube helps to reduce false positive readings and provides consistently accurate blood culture results.


Easy-to-see 1.5 mL fill indicator facilitates collection accuracy.


Proper patient diagnosis and treatment are enhanced.


Antibiotic use and length/cost of hospital stays are minimized.

Procedure Kit
Augment Accuracy. Elevate Efficiency. Contain Costs.
To address the many factors that can cause blood culture  contamination     , all C-Quest diversion devices are included in a Blood Culture Collection Procedure Kit, with everything you need to optimize the collection process. 

4, 5

KIT array_KO-white cap RS.png
Easy As 1, 2, 3.
Pouches_white cap RS.png

Nurses will also appreciate the user-friendly design of C-Quest Procedure Kits. The Kits feature an intuitive 3-pocket, step-by-step design with easy-to-read Pre-Collection, Collection, and Post Collection labeling to help streamline the collection process. Popular components require virtually no training, and customized elements are also available, including automatic or manual safety Butterfly needles and antiseptics. Everything is in one place, so your time to assemble individual components is eliminated, and collection costs are reduced with every procedure. As a result, C-Quest Blood Culture Collection Procedure Kits with diversion devices provide a cost neutral proposition with improved clinical outcomes to previous collection alternatives. 

Features and Benefits
Procedure Kit Main


C-Quest Blood Culture Collection Procedure Kits with diversion devices are designed to optimize the collection process.


3-pocket, step-by-step design with easy-to-read Pre-Collection, Collection, and Post Collection labeling streamlines the collection process.


Includes easy-to-use popular components.


Customized components are also available.


Results in a cost neutral alternative with improved clinical outcomes.

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